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A Pap smear, likewise called a Pap test, is a strategy to test for cervical malignant growth in ladies.

A Pap smear includes gathering cells from a cervix — the lower, slender finish of a uterus that is at the highest point of the vagina.

Distinguishing cervical disease right on time with a Pap smear gives a more noteworthy possibility of pap smear treatment. A Pap smear can also recognize changes in cervical cells that propose malignancy that create later on. Identifying these unusual cells right on time with a Pap smear is an initial phase in stopping the conceivable improvement of cervical malignant growth.

Pap smear OB-Gyns

A Pap smear OB-Gyns is utilized to screen for cervical disease.

The Pap smear is normally done related to a pelvic test. In ladies more seasoned than age 30, the Pap test might be joined with a test for human papillomavirus (HPV) — a typical explicitly transmitted disease that can cause cervical malignant growth. At times, the HPV test might be done rather than a Pap smear.

A care physician at Edgewater can choose when it’s the ideal opportunity for you to start Pap testing and how frequently you need to have the test.

Specialists for the most part prescribe repeating Pap testing at regular intervals for ladies ages 21 to 65.

Ladies aged 30 and more can consider Pap testing at regular intervals if the technique is joined with testing for HPV. Or on the other hand they should seriously think about HPV testing rather than the Pap test.

If you have certain risk factors, physicians may prescribe increasing visit Pap spreads, paying little heed to your age. These hazard factors include:

  • An analysis of cervical malignancy or a Pap smear that indicated precancerous cells
  • Presentation to diethylstilbestrol (DES) before birth
  • HIV disease
  • Debilitated safe network because of organ transplant, chemotherapy or ceaseless corticosteroid use
  • A past filled with smoking

Doctors can examine the advantages and dangers of Pap spreads and choose what’s best for you depending on your risk factors.

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