Edgewater Family Care Center lets you choose a medical check-up that best suits your needs. Our medical specialists conduct various clinical examinations and tests to help you determine your fitness level and overall health.

Based on the tests results, your medical specialist will prepare a medical report on your overall health status. If a previously unsuspected disease is diagnosed in the tests, he or she will recommend early treatment.

Your medical specialist will also advice you on how to bring healthy lifestyle changes to prevent a disease or injury before it occurs.

General Inspection Contents

Therapeutic test can include:

    • Tallness/weight check
    • Pulse check
    • Cholesterol level check
    • Glucose test
    • Throat check
    • Ear check
    • Eye check
    • Electrocardiogram (for those at a higher danger of coronary illness)
    • Chest x-beam (for substantial smokers)

Specific Inspection Contents

    • Cardiovascular system: electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood test (cholesterol, neutral fat etc.)
    • Renal urinary tract system: urinalysis, kidney ultrasound, blood test (urea nitrogen etc.)
    • Digestive system: abdominal ultrasound, stool examination, gastroscopy (or stomach, colon, colonoscope), blood test (AST, ALT, etc.)
    • Endocrine system: blood sugar, urine sugar, hemoglobin A1c, thyroid ultrasound, thyroid hormone measurement
    • Blood system: red blood cell count, white blood cell count, hemoglobin, platelet count
    • Ophthalmology: visual acuity test
    • Otolaryngology: Hearing test

Reference Course by Target Age

A: 6 to 18 years old
B: 19 to 29 years old
C: 30 years old to 39 years old
D: 40 years old or over
E: over 40 years old
F: Executive

Inspection content Inspection item A B C D E F
1 Comprehensive Medical Internship Height, Weight Measurement
Analysis Of Questionnaire Form
Doctor’s Interview, Listening Consultation, Palpation
Rectal Examination (Male Or Over 40)
Abdominal Circumference
Blood Pressure Measurement
2 Vision Test Visuality
3 Hearing Test Audiometry
4 Cardiac Function Test ECG (at rest)
5 Chest Radiography Direct Shooting
6 Clinical Examination
Blood Test Whole Body Condition
Liver Function
Renal Function
Minerals And Ions
Thyroid Function
Blood Type (Charged Only For Applicant)
Syphilis Test (Charged Only For Applicants)
AIDS Examination (Only For Applicants)
Anemia, General Condition
Leu, Nitrite, Uro, Protein, Sp-Gravity, PH Leu, Nitrite, Uro, Protein, Sp-gravity, pH
Blood, Ketone, Bil, Glucose
7 Gynecological Examination Visual Examination (Internal Examination, Breast Palpation)
Cervical Cancer Examination (Cytology) – RAP Smear
8 Ultrasonic Examination Liver · Gallbladder · Kidney
Pancreatic Aorta
9 Upper Gastrointestinal Examination Stomach Perspective (Barium Examination)
Stomach · Dining Room · Duodenum Endoscope
10 Lower Digestive Tract Exam Colonoscopy
11 Health Guidance Health Consultation By Doctor

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