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ECG Edgewater NJ and High Blood Pressure Treatment

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test which quantifies the electrical movement of your heart to show whether it is working regularly.

An ECG records the heart’s beat and movement on a moving piece of paper or a line on a screen. Your physician at ECG Center in Edgewater can peruse and decipher the pinnacles on paper or screen to check whether there is any anomalous or strange action.

An electrocardiogram can be a valuable method to see if your hypertension has caused any harm to your heart or veins. Along these lines, you might be approached to have an ECG when you are first determined to have hypertension.

A portion of the things an ECG perusing can distinguish are:

  • cholesterol stopping up your heart’s blood supply
  • a coronary episode before
  • broadening of one side of the heart
  • anomalous heart rhythms

An ECG (electrocardiogram) is a sheltered and effortless test which regularly just takes a couple of moments.

Leads from an electrocardiograph machine are connected to the skin on your arms, legs and chest utilizing clingy patches. These leads read signals from your heart and send this data to the electrocardiograph. The machine at that point prints the perusing on a paper strip or on a screen.

There are three fundamental kinds of ECG at ECG Edgewater NJ:

Resting ECG – if a physician is interested in how your heart is functioning while you are very still, you will be approached to rest and unwind while the heartbeat is being recorded.

Exercise ECG – your doctor might be keen on how your heart responds to movement and you will be approached to walk or run on a treadmill or cycle on an activity bicycle while your pulse is recorded.

24-hour ECG – at times it very well may be useful to screen your pulse for the duration of the day, in which case you will be approached to wear a little electrocardiograph machine. The chronicles from the machine are then perused by your physician when you return the machine.

If you are having an ECG, ensure that you are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes that you can practice in. It is also useful to abstain from eating a supper or drinking a jazzed drink for two hours before the test on the grounds that these can influence your heart’s rate.

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