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Edgewater Family Care Center is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to providing premium quality, and client-centered healthcare to the people of New Jersey. Our board-certified healthcare practitioners can diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of medical conditions, injuries, and acute and chronic illnesses.

Our clinic is a state-of-the-art facility that has cutting-edge equipment available to provide our patients with the best possible care.Our goal is to provide complete healthcare to the people regardless of their immigration status, sexual orientation, background and ability to pay.

Edge Family Care Center remains the most trusted medical facility in New Jersey where you are attended promptly and treated effectively irrespective of your condition.

What sets us apart from other healthcare facilities in the town is the personalized care that we provide to every patient based on his/her specific condition and needs.

To The Japanese People Who Live In United States

For those who have moved to the USA from Japan, the most worrisome thing is their health. Although open to all, Edgewater Family Care Center facilitates Japanese people in foreign health screening, family practice, pediatric, general practice, and psychiatry.

From newborns to elderly, get complete family consultation from medical specialists. We also offer school check-ups and influenza vaccinations.

Recovery room
Ultrasonic examination

Various Inspections Are Available

From X-ray to endoscopy, you can avail every facility at Edgewater Family Care Center comfortably and efficiently.

We Are Also Responsible For Family Health Management

For the patients who are referred for chest screening, the facilities like chest X-ray are also available at Edgewater Family Care Center. In case a certain facility is not available at our clinic, we refer the patients to concerned medical specialists at other locations.

Barium Examination, Chest x-ray

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